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VersaTURF, a versatile artificial gym turf, elevates training with its super soft fibre technology, surpassing traditional artificial turf in comfort. It features a plush texture and a 5mm foam Action Back layer for protective cushioning, reducing impact and injury risks. Its smooth yet resistant surface is ideal for equipment movement and intensive training activities like agility drills, sled pushes and sprint tracks. VersaTURF offers superior performance, making it the perfect choice for various athletic exercises in dynamic training environments.

VersaTURF Rubber Flooring Products


  • Injury Risk Reduction – 5mm foam layer for reduced impact and injury.
  • Smooth and Resistant Surface – Suitable for sleds/equipment use and tough training.
  • Low Maintenance – Easy to maintain, retains function and appearance.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting – Strong build, ideal for professional-grade facilities.
  • Safe and Efficient – Secure and effective for various sports.
  • Multipurpose Athletic Use – Great for drills, calisthenics, sprinting, etc.
  • Flexible and Easy to Remove – Adaptable and removable for varied needs.
  • No Infill Required – No crumb rubber or sand is needed; less messy.

Color Options

VersaTURF comes in a variety of vibrant and elegant colors, ideal for enhancing the look of any gym or fitness center. These customizable options allow you to tailor the flooring to match your gym’s theme, team colors, or interior design, adding to the visual appeal of your fitness space.

VersaTURF Rubber Flooring Products - Light Grey

0903 – Light Grey

VersaTURF Rubber Flooring Products - Indigo Blue

0904 – Indigo Blue

VersaTURF Rubber Flooring Products - Apple Red

0905 – Apple Red

VersaTURF Rubber Flooring Products - Marigold

0906 – Marigold

VersaTURF Rubber Flooring Products - Winter White

0909 – Winter White

VersaTURF Rubber Flooring Products - Raven Black

0910 – Raven Black

VersaTURF Rubber Flooring Products - Solid Green

0902 – Solid Green


THICKNESS 3/4″ (18 mm) PILE HEIGHT with 1/4” (5 mm) FOAM ActionBACK
TOTAL HEIGHT 1″ (24mm)
FACE WEIGHT 71 oz (2.0 kg)
TOTAL WEIGHT 126 oz (3.6 kg)


Our cutting-edge super soft fibre technology redefines comfort, surpassing conventional artificial turf standards. It ensures a plush, gentle feel underfoot, enhancing every workout session. The turf comes with a 5mm foam Action Back layer, which acts as a protective cushion, significantly lowering impact and minimizing injury risk for athletes of all ages and sizes.

Its smooth surface is perfect for equipment movement, such as sleds, while providing the necessary resistance for intensive training. This turf delivers superior performance for agility drills, soccer practice, sprinting workouts, or other athletic activities.

Customizable and easily removable, VersaTurf stands out for its functionality and ease of maintenance. It’s a robust, long-lasting solution brings professional-grade quality to agility training facilities, soccer fields, sprint lanes, and various other sports settings.

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