Optimize Your Fitness Space

The Perfect Match for Dynamic Fitness Environments

When choosing fitness flooring, look for vulcanized or recycled rubber floors to boost athletic performance, and protect your equipment and facility while reducing maintenance. Opt for durable, tear-resistant rubber in high-traffic areas. Plank-style options are great for bodyweight exercises, yoga and spin, offering durability and slip resistance. Additionally, advanced gym turf with a foam layer is ideal for dynamic training, providing impact reduction and comfort. These features ensure a safe, efficient, long-lasting flooring solution for various fitness activities and gym environments.

VersaRUBBER® Flooring for Fitness


Made with high-quality vulcanized rubber, it is the perfect solution for fitness environments.

  • Reduce injury risks, providing a secure workout environment.
  • Vulcanized rubber material offers protection during high-intensity exercises.
  • Enhances gym spaces with sleek, functional design.
  • Ideal for various activities, ensuring stability during workouts.
  • Simple cleaning process with effective shock absorption and noise reduction.


VersaRUBBER® ELITE Flooring for Fitness


The ideal choice for yoga studios, dance studios, and cycling class areas.

  • Plank style enhances gym aesthetics.
  • Double vulcanized rubber withstands intense fitness activities.
  • Fits various styles, from yoga studios to dance spaces.
  • Anti-slip surface for secure exercise sessions.
  • Cushioned support with low maintenance, versatile for various activities.


VersaTREAD Rubber Flooring for Fitness


Featuring a range of single-speckled colours that add a vibrant yet sophisticated touch to fitness areas.

  • Features low-porosity, bonded recycled rubber for enhanced moisture and contaminant resistance.
  • Exceptional durability makes it ideal for high-traffic workout areas.
  • Speckled colour designs offer a stylish yet practical look.
  • Available in rolls, sheets, and puzzle tiles to suit various space needs.
  • Cushioned comfort with minimal odour, made from recycled, sustainable materials.


VersaTURF Rubber Flooring for Fitness


A multipurpose gym turf, the ultimate choice for dynamic training environments.

  • A 5mm foam layer for injury risk reduction.
  • Smooth yet resistant, perfect for equipment and intense training.
  • Low maintenance, ensuring lasting functionality and aesthetics.
  • Robust construction for long-lasting use in professional facilities.
  • Safe, efficient, with advanced comfort features, and customizable for specific training needs without requiring infill.


Rubber Flooring for Fitness Area

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