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Vulcanized Rubber Flooring Products

Innovative Products

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Discover the world of innovative flooring with Pliteq’s range of products like VersaRUBBER®, VersaRUBBER® ELITE, VersaTREAD, VersaFLO, VersaTURF, and more. Crafted from recycled rubber, these products offer a sustainable, durable, and long-lasting choice for any space. The quick installation process makes them convenient for rapid transformations. With a range of finish options and customization Pliteq can offer, we provide flooring solutions to diverse aesthetic preferences, ensuring there’s something for every design vision.The innovative engineering behind these flooring solutions is a testament to a commitment to quality and environmental consciousness. Whether for commercial, educational, or recreational spaces, this flooring is a versatile, eco-friendly option, blending functionality with style.

Pliteq Flooring Customer Service Team

Exceptional Customer Service

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Pliteq’s customer service is renowned for its excellence, bolstered by over 50 years of combined industry experience in sports-related surfacing and a track record of consulting on over 10,000 commercial projects. Our in-house experts offer end-to-end support, from design to project completion, giving customers the confidence to undertake any project, big or small. Pliteq ensures quick lead times thanks to its extensive network of manufacturing facilities and warehouses across North America. Our team provides comprehensive sales support, including samples, product displays, and personalized literature, and offers competitive pricing and dedicated dealer support. This support structure is designed to assist dealers in selecting the right products for each project and responding to all communications promptly.

Recycled Rubber Flooring Products

Environmentally Friendly

LEED Certified and made with recycled rubber

Pliteq demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability by producing LEED-certified flooring products made from recycled rubber. This eco-friendly approach reduces waste and improves indoor air quality, aligning with global green building standards. Pliteq’s focus on using recycled materials showcases its dedication to reducing environmental impact while providing high-quality, durable flooring solutions. By choosing Pliteq, customers actively support eco-conscious building practices, reflecting a growing trend towards sustainability in the construction and design industries.

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