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When selecting flooring for summer sports, key factors include durability and slip resistance for high-impact areas, ensuring player safety and comfort. The flooring should be versatile in design to adapt to various sports settings. Additionally, it’s important to have strong tear and wear resistance for longevity in high-traffic facilities. Advanced technology that offers shock absorption and seamless finishes is also crucial, particularly for indoor sports, enhancing performance and safety.

VersaRUBBER® Flooring for Summer Sports


Our specialized flooring solution, ideal for the summer sports market.

  • Vulcanized Rubber for enhanced durability.
  • Slip-resistant surface for dynamic, moisture-prone sports environments.
  • Anti-shock cushioning reduces fatigue in athletes and coaches.
  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns for diverse facility aesthetics.
  • Tailored for baseball and football facilities and simple to clean.


VersaTREAD Rubber Flooring for Summer Sports


This innovative rubber flooring is specifically engineered for the summer sports market.

  • Top-rated for its minimal porosity, our urethane-bonded recycled rubber flooring sets the standard in the industry.
  • Withstands dynamic activities and high traffic in summer sports environments.
  • Vibrant speckled colors enhance visual appeal.
  • Remains pliable and comfortable in warmer temperatures, ensuring performance.
  • High-traction for reduced slipping, cushioned for comfort, and easy to clean for hygiene.


VersaFLO Rubber Flooring for Badminton Sports


Our state-of-the-art Pad and Pour Resilient Floor System is for indoor running tracks, basketball courts, and multi-sport courts.

  • Ensures longevity, even under frequent, heavy use in sports.
  • Provides stability, reducing slips and falls, which is vital for sports like basketball.
  • Offers a consistent, seamless surface, which is crucial for competitive sports.
  • Allows color and design tailored to match facility branding.
  • Rubber base for injury prevention, easy to clean and maintain for upkeep.


VersaTURF Rubber Flooring for Summer Sports


Designed specifically for high-energy sports like indoor soccer and lacrosse.

  • A 5mm foam layer reduces impact and injury risk.
  • Smooth yet resistant, suitable for equipment and intensive training.
  • Durable design, easy to maintain.
  • It is ideal for various athletic activities, including agility and soccer.
  • No infill is required, offering a cleaner and more efficient solution.


Rubber Flooring for Fitness Area

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