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Discover the potential in every project with our A&D Presentation. Tailored for architects and designers, our showcase includes a wide range of customizable, eco-friendly products. With extensive industry experience and swift lead times, we’re ready to support your design visions. Schedule now to explore more!

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What is an A&D Presentation?

Pliteq’s Architect and Design Presentation is a showcase for architects and interior designers, featuring a wide array of customizable and eco-friendly products. Tailored to support current and future projects. This presentation underscores Pliteq’s commitment to sustainable design and manufacturing, emphasizing recycled products and versatile solutions that align with diverse design goals. Sign up and message us to explore how our products can elevate your architectural and interior design projects.

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What to Expect

Welcome to our exclusive Architect and Design Presentation, an event meticulously crafted for architects and designers who are at the forefront of shaping our built environments. This interactive session offers a platform for idea exchange with our flooring experts, focusing on integrating form, function, and sustainability in flooring solutions. Dive into the latest trends, explore groundbreaking materials, and discuss custom solutions, technical aspects, and design elements. It’s more than a product display; it’s a chance to enhance your architectural projects with our advanced, sustainable rubber flooring options. Engage with specialists, be inspired, and expand your expertise in contemporary flooring solutions.

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