Sustainable Strength Meets Modern Design

Quick Installation, Long-Lasting Impact

Discover Pliteq’s commitment to sustainable flooring solutions, where versatility meets eco-friendly design. Our floors, made from recycled rubber, offer an array of finishes to complement any indoor or outdoor space. Quick to install and built to last, our products embody innovation and environmental responsibility, ideal for those who value both design and durability.

Rubber Flooring for Sports Arena

Durable & Long Lasting

Redefining Quality and Performance

Manufacturers and designers of both recycled and premium vulcanized products in North America. We are committed to engineering only the highest-grade flooring products that significantly enhance performance, boasting a surface quality 85% better than competitors through engineering and innovation.

Rubber Flooring Supplier Products

Innovative Engineering

Quality Meets Modern Style

Our dedication to quality and innovation with our products allows clients access to the best athletic and commercial flooring options. These are shown through our strategic partnerships with multiple top-tier brands. We are offering a vast array of finish options for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Recycled Rubber

Environmentally Friendly

LEED Certified and Made with Recycled Rubber

Pliteq’s commitment to eco-innovation is evident in recycling over 6 million tires annually, aligning with our mission of over 10,000 green commercial projects. Our dedicated team ensures sustainable practices are at the core of our operations.

Pliteq Rubber Flooring Customer Service

Industry Leading Customer Service

Pliteq excels in customer service, offering great value, tested quality products, and quick turnaround time. Our 50+ years of experience allow us to educate you on our products and advise you on future projects.

Great Value

Tested Assemblies

Quick Turnaround

Wide Range of Finish Options

We offer diverse finish options, emphasizing customization to meet our specific client needs.

Customers can personalize their flooring from a variety of colours and logos to even specific thicknesses on some products and other technical specifications. This comprehensive range ensures tailor-made solutions for a wide array of indoor and outdoor applications, reflecting Pliteq’s dedication to versatility and client-focused design. This approach allows our team to precisely and creatively cater to unique project requirements.

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Rubber Flooring for Fitness Area

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