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Transformative Flooring by Pliteq for Diverse Applications and Settings

Transform your space with Pliteq’s innovative and highly engineered flooring options. Ideal for fitness, gyms and studios, hockey arenas, sports facilities, schools, retail and commercial areas, plus many more.

Rubber Flooring for Summer Sports

Summer Sports

Enhance athletic performance with Pliteq’s dynamic flooring options – here are things to consider with summer sports flooring:

  • Durability and slip resistance, especially for high-impact sports areas.
  • Comfort and safety are crucial for player protection.
  • Design versatility to match different sports settings.
  • Tear strength and wear resistance, suitable for high-traffic sports facilities.
  • Advanced technology for shock absorption and seamless finishes, ideal for indoor sports.
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Rubber Flooring for Workout Area


Resilient, high-impact support for workouts, ensuring safety and comfort. Here are things to consider with fitness flooring:

  • Vulcanized rubber for enhanced athletic performance, resilience, and maintenance ease.
  • Plank-style options for activities like yoga and cycling offer durability and anti-slip properties.
  • Durable, tear-resistant rubber for high-traffic workout areas.
  • Advanced gym turf with foam layer for dynamic training, impact reduction, and comfort.
  • Non-vulcanized recycled rubber offers more cushion and custom colors to meet your brand requirements.


Rubber Flooring for Winter Sports

Winter Sports

Durable, safe flooring for extreme sports like hockey and skiing. Here are things to consider with winter sports flooring:

  • Cut and slip resistance is crucial for sports like hockey and skiing.
  • Cushioned comfort to enhance performance in cold conditions.
  • Durability is critical in high-moisture environments like ice rinks and ski lodges.
  • Moisture resistance is essential for maintaining safety and longevity in winter sports facilities.


Rubber Flooring for Locker Rooms

Schools & Locker Rooms

Designed for vibrant, active learning environments. Here are things to consider with schools and locker room flooring:

  • Plank-style rubber flooring for hallways and libraries offers durability, elegance, and safety.
  • Resilient rubber solutions for locker rooms, prioritizing durability and sophisticated design.
  • Advanced seamless gymnasium flooring systems provide exceptional shock absorption and grip with very low maintenance, which is essential for school multi-sport gyms.
  • Emphasis on safety and performance in physical activities, suitable for various school environments.


Rubber Flooring for Retail

Commercial & Retail

Blending aesthetics with functionality for a better shopping experience. Here are things to consider with commercial and retail flooring:

  • Vulcanized rubber mats for durability and safety in high-traffic retail areas.
  • Impact resistance and easy maintenance, suitable for busy commercial spaces.
  • Plank-style rubber flooring combines durability with elegance for a sophisticated retail environment.
  • Comfort and safety features make them ideal for areas with frequent foot traffic.


Rubber Flooring for Fitness Area

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