VersaFLO’s Pad and Pour: Comfort and Durability

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Discover our advanced Pad and Pour Synthetic Sports Floor System, specifically tailored for school gymnasiums and athletic facilities. This innovative flooring solution is expertly designed to enhance safety and performance in school sports environments. A resilient rubber base layer is central to our system, offering outstanding shock absorption. This feature is crucial in school settings where safety and performance are top priorities. The cushioning effect of the rubber base significantly reduces the impact on students’ joints, lowering the risk of sports-related injuries. The resilient Flood and Top Coats are engineered for minimal maintenance and cleaning, saving your school or University $1000’s in annual repairs and maintenance. High humidity or inclement moisture causing issues with hardwood floors is a thing of the past with the VersaFLO Sports Floor system. The completely seamless surface is non-porous and resists dents and scratches caused by bleachers, chairs, and tables.

VersaFLO Rubber Flooring for School Indoor Areas


  • Shock Absorption – Rubber base layer for excellent shock absorption, reducing injury risks.
  • Durability – Highly resistant to wear and tear, perfect for busy school environments.
  • Seamless Surface – Consistent, uninterrupted playing area, minimizing maintenance.
  • Slip Resistance – Provides safety with superior traction and stability.
  • Customizable Design – Offers color and design choices to align with school aesthetics.
  • Multi-Purpose Use – Versatile for various sports and activities in school gyms.
  • Easy Maintenance – Simple to clean, ideal for schools with limited resources.
  • Long-Term Investment – Durable and low-maintenance, offering cost-effective benefits over time.

Color Options

VersaFLO for school and university gyms comes in a range of vibrant and elegant color options, perfect for complementing the design of any educational facility. These colors can be customized along with logos, games lines, hash marks and more to align with school colors, themes, or specific school sports, significantly enhancing the visual appeal of school gyms and locker rooms.

VersaFLO Rubber Flooring for School Indoor Space - Dusty Grey

0725 – Dusty Grey

VersaFLO Rubber Flooring for School Indoor Areas - Beige

0713 – Beige

VersaFLO Rubber Flooring for School Indoor Areas - Oxide Red

0717 – Oxide Red

VersaFLO Rubber Flooring for School Indoor Areas - Pastel Blue

0720 – Pastel Blue

VersaFLO Rubber Flooring for School Indoor Areas - Grass Green

0721 – Grass Green

VersaFLO Rubber Flooring for School Indoor Areas - Light Grey

0724 – Light Grey

VersaFLO Rubber Flooring for School Indoor Areas - Sapphire Blue

0726 – Sapphire Blue

VersaFLO Rubber Flooring for School Indoor Areas - Pale Brown

0727 – Pale Brown




Covering the rubber base is a seamless polyurethane top layer known for its durability and wear resistance. This fluid-applied layer provides excellent grip and stability, essential for the diverse range of activities conducted in school gymnasiums, from basketball to volleyball and general physical education.

The uniform surface ensures consistent performance and is resistant to damage from sports equipment, bleachers and regular use. Customization options are available in terms of color and design, allowing schools to align the flooring with their unique branding or aesthetic preferences. The seamless nature of our Pad and Pour System eliminates joints or seams, minimizing maintenance issues and ensuring longevity. Easy to clean and maintain, our Pad and Pour Flooring System is an ideal, long-lasting solution for enhancing the functionality and safety of school gymnasiums and sports facilities.

It is an investment in the quality of your school’s sports program and infrastructure, providing a safe, high-performance surface for students’ athletic and recreational activities.

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